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Quick Collage

Make art with friends!

Jalil Jacallen


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Collect some content in a Room.
Collaborate with friends to arrange them artistically.
Collage Exports for sharing with everybody.

A unique way to express your artistic impulses, collage is an artform that is deeply linked to the creative process. Cutting, patching, and assembling diverse images and textures yields a visual art product that is uniquely expressive of our modern fast-paced lives where attention is divided between tools, tasks, and tech. It’s hands-on fun for anybody from the most casual teen posting on Instagram to professional artists making album covers and advertisements. Cut and paste your selfies into impactful stories or collect your favorite moments from YouTube into an ensemble that matches your personality. Scissors and glue made arts and crafts for children, but people of all ages can enjoy making digital art with an interactive collage tool, a collage editor for sharing the creative experience

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