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Hallway Study Groups

Interactions catalyze retention

The whole reason for studying together is because the human interaction over the material is invaluable for our retention and understanding. That is the reason people need tutors - the course material is all there, but sometimes we just need somebody to help us to grasp and internalize it. It's also the reason we form study groups - when we teach each other, we all learn more. And to achieve this, a standard video conference is not nearly enough. Hallway's tools were built for collaboration, and are ideally suited to facilitate interactive studying between humans.

  • Support: motivation is key to meeting study goals. Tutors and peers can help keep you motivated when you go through difficult parts together.
  • Discussions: getting another viewpoint on a subject helps round out understanding.
  • Cooperation: finding answers to tricky questions is faster and easier when you put your heads together.
  • Multi-sensory Engagement: retention is enhanced when you don't just read, you also write; when you don't just listen, you also speak.
  • Compare Notes: your notes only cover a portion of the information. Let others fill in the gaps for you.
  • Teach to Learn: the surest way to solidify mastery is by teaching. In interactive learning, every question is a teachable moment.

Define "Collaboration"

We need the freedom to bring up a video that comes to mind, or to draw a diagram on a whiteboard or on the study materials themselves. It needs to be easy and natural for people to participate and contribute. That's why from Hallway.com you can set up your custom study room with the tools and materials your group will need. There are already tons of useful tools in the Hallway App Library, like the YouTube viewer, and Workbook. And people with basic programming or scripting skills can build their own custom interactions. Or you can start your room from a template - the easy and fast way to get started.

Just visit Hallway's Education Templates Page to see what other users have published.

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