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Hallway Meetings

Use collaborative tools to boost productivity

Let's be honest: a lot of our meetings are really not that productive. Political posturing, off-topic rabbit holes, and so much wasted time. OK some teams more than others, but many of us have been thinking for years about ways to reduce the amount of time we spend in meetings. For me, this is one of the unexpected silver linings of our new virtual working paradigm. Despite incredible advancements in technology, online meetings are still a little uncomfortable and consequently a lot of teams have cut back to the bare minimum. Now, the problem is a different one: when we do get together for a chat, we struggle to get out of it what we really need. That's where Hallway's virtual collaboration can really help out. Let's have a look at some of the tools available, and how to leverage them to get the most out of your time together.


Sometimes, you need to draw what you mean - because a picture speaks a thousand words.

The whiteboard is one of the most useful brainstorming tools that we lost when we left the office and went digital with our meetings. In a Hallway meeting, the whiteboard is back. And it has enough markers for everybody in the room, so prepare to storm those brains! All the basic drawing tools are there for quick clarity, and you can even drop images and files onto the board. You'll be amazed how much more normal the "new" virtual normal is once you get back some of the interactions you've been missing.

PDF Viewer

When it comes to getting the point across, doing is better than showing.

Who brought the deck? Don't worry, it doesn't matter who is presenter anymore. Anybody can drop the files into the room so they are available for everybody to see & annotate together, download, and open in private windows. Hallway automatically converts several file types into PDF when you drop them into the room, so you can use the Viewer to share whatever you need to. Finally, everybody can be "hands-on" with the materials even though we're meeting virtually. If everybody's voice really does matter in your group, don't just present to them: empower and inspire them to weigh in!

Stickies & Textpad

Reach consensus with fully interactive group text pad and stickies, or keep individual notes private.

"These meeting notes are not what we talked about!" If you've ever heard that, you'll love the ability to post the notes in the room where everyone can see and contribute - and copy. "Bob keeps erasing number 9 - stop it, Bob!" …And don't worry, if you want to take your own notes, you can do it in a private window. The room Owner can also control who has access to edit the room's note apps by assigning roles in the room menu.


Pass the screen! It's finally super easy to hand the screenshare over to anybody in the room.

It doesn't matter who is presenter anymore, what a relief! A screenshare in the room can be used by anybody to display their screen. Somebody else needs a turn? The stop/go buttons are simple and there's no weirdness. Share the whole screen or a selected window; the screenshare app is basic yet powerful, so anybody can easily share their screen in your room.

Video Content

Stream or upload content into the meeting room so you can all watch it together.

Stream from YouTube and Twitch, monitor a webcam, or upload a video file - all directly in the meeting room where everybody can see it together and react in real time - without the need for any rocket science. Open a video in a private window to view it independently.

Room Attendance

Know your audience: keep track of who is entering and leaving your room.

Whether you're checking for quorum in your business meeting or keeping attendance in your online classroom, the Attendance app is like having a doorman who notes down everyone who enters or leaves. Run it discreetly in a private window or in a sidebar for everyone to see.